Today is the first anniversary of the day when Crikey amateur was handed over to
the professionals. So will we be going out for dinner to mark the
occasion? Sorry, can’t make it, we’ve got our March kindergarten
committee meeting.

What about Wednesday night? Sorry, we had the end of term break-up
barbecue for Laura’s four year old group. What about Tuesday night?
Sorry, the old Mr and Mrs Crikey were locked in to attending
Kindergarten Parents of Victoria (KPV) committee training at Hawthorn
Town Hall.

Selling Crikey has been a liberating experience and I’m delighted with
how the first year has gone under the new owners, but new endeavours
such as being President of the local kindergarten committee are no walk
in the park.

With Paula off in court being a barrister handling sad marriage
break-downs three days a week, there are days when I’m making four
trips to the kinder ferrying Alice and Laura to their sessions.

Today it will be five visits because Laura’s got her six-hour session
and there’s a lady from council coming to look at our proposed storage
expansion project and then two builders coming to quote on the job.

The old days of running for boards and having all care and no
responsibility are well and truly gone. Even sledging government is out
as we’ve got to be very nice to the local council, which owns our
centre, and very nice to the Bracks Government, which provides half our
revenue and dishes out our licence to operate.

On capital works such as the $10,000-plus storage expansion, it comes
to down to a question of who picks up the bill between the state
taxpayers, local ratepayers and parents. The new Minister for Children,
Sheryl Garbutt, is really doing a terrific job, don’t you think?

After last year’s stellar $25,000 profit, we’re still facing a
projected $6,000 loss this year after enrolments fell by about 20%.
However, with some cash in the bank we’re planning to spend a bit more
improving the centre and also expand our marketing program to boost
numbers for next year.

To that end, rather than spend $135 on, if anyone knows of a
fabulous teacher of three year olds who’d initially like an additional
Friday session for the rest of this year with potential for an expanded
role next year, drop us a line at [email protected]

Good kindy teachers are hard to find but surely the 35,000-strong
Crikey army can help us out. We’re in the City of Manningham, about 20
km north-east of Melbourne’s CBD.

For now, it’s back to working up an agenda for tonight’s meeting which
will be dominated by planning for our stall at the local village
festival, the upcoming trivia night, the storage issue and a possible
change to our enrolment policy opting for a sibling preference system.

Don’t laugh, this is the new life and these are all important issues
for our kindergarten community. Home dad Mark Latham, eat your heart