Kerr writes:

A Labor
showdown we’d like to see.
A nice invite comes Crikey’s way. “The Great
Debate – Who has the worst opposing minister? Join the Sub-branches in
Ginninderra electorate for dinner and the Great Debate as Kevin Rudd, Shadow
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Julia Gillard, Shadow Minister for Health
battle it out! 7:00pm for 7:30pm 27 March
2006 Belconnen
Labor Club, Daley Room.”

in poetry.
The South Australian Liberals have promised $32m in new funds for private
prompting today’s campaign limerick from Democrat David Winderlich:

Private schools are set to get more
From the Libs who just can’t ignore
That drive to compete
And join the elite
‘Cos public’s now shorthand for poor”!

Recipe of the Day. Something about the image of Downer’s tentacles stretching to Perth (item 2) made us hungry for chilli lemon octopus.

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