Hi Stephen,

The most interesting story in ALP preselections has obviously been
Crean’s at a federal level, but one that seems to have escaped
everyone’s attention is the complete farce of having Michael Leighton’s
electorate officer – Robin Scott – preselected unopposed in Preston.
Given all the turmoil, it seems like a complete joke.

I like Michael personally (as a Darebin Council staffer I have a bit to
do with him), but why the ALP wastes a safe-as-houses seat like Preston
on a guy who doesn’t have a hope of being a minister is beyond me. He is
quitting at the next election (apparently because he won some
significant $$$ in tattslotto last year, but not sure if that’s
accurate) and I thought it would have been the ideal time to put in
someone with talent – Pallas could have slotted in there nicely, for

Instead, for reasons that completely escape me (apart from numbers, I
assume), Robin Scott – a complete nonentity – gets preselected without
any trouble whatsoever.

I’m not in a faction, but what annoys me about LU in particular is that
they make so many noises about ‘renewing’ the party and then fail
completely to put anyone with talent into their own safe seats.

The only thin I can think of is that I’m not sure there are any locals
who want or are up to the job. Certainly there are a couple of talented
local councillors, but they all belong to the same faction anyway…

Just needed a quick rant – feel free to use it but please take out
anything that could identify me!