Martin Pakula, Crean’s opponent in Hotham: “Clearly there are
some people who associate with Simon who are likely to want some
payback, but I urge them not to… I’ve worked in the labour movement
my entire waking life and I intend to continue. In what capacity, I
don’t know.”

Neal Blewett, former Health Minister in the Hawke Government: “This sort of factional fighting is still damaging to the party.”

John Button, former Industry Minister in the Hawke/Keating Government:
“It’s a very good thing that Simon won so convincingly… Crean,
whatever people say about him, has been a very good member of
parliament… It’s a bit of a kybosh in the idea that the renewal of
the party begins with Martin Pakula… I don’t think any (leadership)
challengers are likely to use the Hotham poll (to challenge Beazley).”

Simon Crean, former Labor leader (on ABC radio this morning): “If
I didn’t stand up to them [the factions] no one would… People are
cheering for a bit of democracy and a bit of rank and file control. He
[Stephen Conroy] has been such a divisive force. He’s undermined my
leadership. He undermined Mark Latham’s leadership.”