The Indian PM will ask John Howard to lift the ban on selling
uranium to India

and to back the proposed US-India deal, reports The Oz. But John Howard has
reaffirmed that Australia
will not sell uranium to countries that don’t adhere to the nuclear non-proliferation
treaty, reportsThe Age.

And divisions in the federal Labor party just keep on
widening, with Martin Ferguson accusing rivals of “corrupt practices” in their attempts
to oust Simon Crean from politics, reports The Oz.

Tolls on the Cross City Tunnel have been cut in half at the
expense of the public transport system, reportsThe SMH. And the army has been
accused of victimising whistleblowers who reported trainees forging logbook entries in an attempt to get their qualifications sooner.

A senior police officer raised the alarm about
escalating racial tensions a month before the race riots in Cronulla,
but authorities failed to act, reports The Daily Tele.

The inquiry into the AWB scandal looks set to extend into
May or June, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, reportsThe Age.

The Hezleads with the story of the four North Korean men, in Australian custody for 3 years, who have been found not guilty of
involvement in the biggest ever importation of heroin into Victoria in 2003.

Senior immigration officials are learning how to “be nice to
” by working the front counters and listening to immigration
horror-stories first hand, reports The Courier Mail.

The Canberra Times reports that the number of people who have
died as a result of overcrowding in the emergency department of Canberra
Hospital rivals the number of road
deaths in the ACT.

The Advertiser reports that the Public Service Association
has launched a pre-election ad campaign in response to Liberal’s plans to slash
thousand of public service jobs.

Both Liberal and Labor insist they’re the only ones who can
save Tasmania’s public health
system, reportsThe Mercury.

WA Police commissioner Karl O’Callaghan has called for
mandatory jail sentences for people who assault police officers, reports The West

A woman whose three children drowned after she crashed into a
river wants the case reopened, reports the NT News.