A diplomatic cable tabled in the Cole Inquiry yesterday that
detailed concerns about AWB breaching sanctions in Iraq was sent to John Howard
in March 2000, reports The Oz. Unsurprisingly, Human Services Minister Joe Hockey
said that Mr Howard hadn’t read the cable, reports The SMH. And the Melbourne
headquarters of AWB could be raided if the company keeps stalling on handing
over important documents, reports The Age.

Apparently John Howard’s newest priorities are unity,
prosperity and equality
, reports The Oz. In a speech yesterday, the PM declared
“social cohesion” as one of the key objectives for Australia.

And an 11 year old boy will receive a $400,000 payout for the
psychological harm he suffered while living in two Australian detention
centres, reports The SMH.

The Daily Tele leads with the news that 158 NSW schools have
been found to have asbestos under their playgrounds.

It wasn’t just Cornelia Rau – two more men were “lost” in Australia’s
detention system for several years while officials tried to determine their
identities, reportsThe Age.

Despite pressure from the PM, the Queen won’t get to hear
her anthem
at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, reports The Herald Sun. No, wait – now she’ll hear eight bars of it, sung by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa.

The Courier Mailreports that stockwhips, smashed bottles
and a homemade ice pick were among weapons used in a brawl that broke out in far
north Queensland last night.

Most of Australia’s AirServices 300 job cuts will come from Canberra, reportsThe Canberra Times.

Liberals want to reintroduce harsh penalties for growing or
possessing cannabis in South Australia,
reportsThe Advertiser. Apparently they don’t like being known as the “cannabis capital” of Australia.

After ten years in his job as leader of the Greens, Bob Brown
wants his party to become part of the government,
reports The Mercury.

Don Bradman thought modern cricketers were greedy and didn’t
care about the image of the game, reports The West Australian.

A man was arrested in Darwin
yesterday after falling asleep in his car, engine running and in gear, outside
a police station, reports theNT News. The man was so drunk that he couldn’t