There have been plenty of suggestions of statistics that subscribers
would like to see comparing Australia in 1996 and 2006, but don’t
forget to also email through the actual stats themselves to
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Here are another 12 measures which are mostly focused around the economy and federal budget:

Measure 1996 2006
Total tax revenue $116 billion $237 billion (inc GST)
Net worth of govt -$74bn -$26bn
Federal tax as proportion of GDP 22.3% 24.8%
GDP $518bn $987bn
Education spending $10.12bn $14.77bn
Welfare spending $46.7bn $81bn
Company tax revenue $18.2bn $41bn
Income tax revenue $61.7bn $110.5bn
Household/electrical imports $1.77bn $6.3bn
Tourism revenue $11.55bn $20bn
Exports goods and services $99.4bn $170bn
Imports goods and services $101bn $200bn

For all the overblown rhetoric, John Howard and Peter Costello have
ridden a huge boom and still managed to increase tax as a proportion of
GDP, retain a negative net worth of $30 billion for the Federal
government, massively blow out welfare spending, under-invest in
education and oversee a deteriorating trade performance with import
growth outpacing exports.

What would the corporate sycophants be saying if all these measures had been genuinely impressive?