Christian Kerr writes:

“The Queen will not hear her royal anthem during
the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony despite pressure from Prime Minister
John Howard,” the Herald Sunreports today.
Despite debate, the sovereign won’t be serenaded with God Save the Queen on
opening night. Instead, she’ll hear our national anthem, Advance Australia
Fair. But a reader has an idea to solve the impasse – a recitation by Karak,
the Commonwealth Games’ mascot:

I am Australia’s
And I wrote this very fast,
You are a beaut, I thee salute
Elizabeth the

The verse campaign. Democrat David Winderlich has these thoughts on the South Australian Liberals’ campaign proposal to recriminalise cannabis:

Jail for joints-now that’s thought provoking
When jails are already choking
But $80,000 a year,
For a pot plant-oh dear!
Rob Kerin what have you been smoking?

Leadership material. If the ALP are playing musical chairs, can they find a House of Representatives
seat for John Faulkner? Read his speech from yesterday on the tenth anniversary
of the election of the Howard Government.
He sounds like the next Labor prime minister.

Can you
just run that past us again, Prime Minister?
In the papers today, the Prime Minister is quoted saying “Always look ahead. As Disraeli
said, banality is not a word known to politics.” We actually think he’s
referring to an attributed quote of Disraeli’s, “Finality is not the language
of politics.”
And we’d love to know his views on Disraeli’s comments in his speech
on agricultural interests from March
17, 1845: “A Conservative government is an organized

Recipe of the Day. To help you with that hangover after a wild night of tenth anniversary festivities, try a Howard-sanctionedMorning After Bloody Mary. While you’re nursing a throbbing headache, try an easy activity.