Pastor Danny Nalliah from Catch the Fire
Ministries, who distributed a batty brochure in 2003 reading “Spot Satan’s
strongholds in the areas you are living (brothels, gambling places,
bottleshops, mosque, temples – freemasons/Buddhist/Hindu etc, witchcraft) that
earned him a slap on the wrist under Victoria’s PC po-faced religious vilification laws, has turned up in
the South Australian State Election campaign.

The troublesome priest turned up at the
Morphett Vale Baptist Church in Adelaide’s southern
Bible belt last weekend with a “Prophetic Message for South Australia”:

People of South
Australia if you would cry unto Me in the time which is remaining from city to
city, street to street across this land, I will change the wind which is
blowing in this State and I will cause a fresh wind to blow through the State
for I say unto you; for if My people will not pray and seek My face for this
election which you are about to face South Australia, the rulers who are ruling
you even right now if they be re-elected to rule you for another season in the
next three to four years ahead of you, you shall lose 20 years of what you have
gained and this generation which is in this place shall not see My glory fall
upon this State.

For if you would
cry unto Me day and night and get my servants across this State, not everyone,
but whoever could, to get on their knees and repent on behalf of the sin which
is in the church and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear
from heaven and I will forgive your sin and I will heal the land and in that
healing I shall bring new rulers to lead this State and yet you might think
there is such a short time and it is the impossible which will be made possible
because of your prayers says the Lord.

… Now this is what
I say: What the Lord is clearly stating right now is that if the current Labor
Government continues to lead this State for another season and they win this
election and lead this State for another season, you as a State will lose
approximately 20 years of what you have gained. There will be laws which will
be passed which will take away your Judeo-Christian heritage and you will fight
for it to come back but it will be removed and it will be a long fight and this
generation will not see the glory of God, however, if you would go into prayer
and fasting and cause the State to get on its knees and cry unto the Lord, the
Lord will then cause the Liberal Party to come in…

And who says the South Australian campaign
has been boring and predictable? But we wonder what the preacher at Sunday’s
early service, Family First’s Legislative Council Andrew Evans, made of God’s
party political broadcast.