Apparently, Peter Costello wants to make Australia the most
female-friendly place in the world, spending more money on childcare and having
more “female-friendly” policies in the work place, reportsThe Oz.

And Deputy Prime Minister Mark Vaile has
admitted to knowing six years ago of concerns that AWB may have been paying
illegal kickbacks, reports The Oz. Three ministers, including Mark Vaile, are now fighting new allegations that the government failed to act on warnings of the AWB kickbacks, reports The SMH.

The SMH also reports onSenator
Bob Brown’s claims that Labour has lost its way and should move back to humanitarian

The Daily Telegraph leads with the news that Mark Galante
has been charged with the murder of his pregnant wife, Jody, in January of this

Steve Bracks has launched a passionate defence of
after recent comments by national leaders, reportsThe Age. And
Ian Thorpe
has been tested for glandular fever, whooping cough and chronic
fatigue syndrome by baffled doctors, who still can’t confirm his participation
in the Commonwealth Games.

An outbreak of legionnaires disease has been traced to a
shopping centre in Melbourne’s
north, reports The Hez.

The customer who alerted Sizzler to the green pellets of rat
poison floating in a vat of soup has been arrested for putting it there,
reportsThe Courier Mail.

Two dinners held by the PM have helped to raise over
$100,000 to help the SA Liberal party, reports The Advertiser.

The Mercury reports that the Greens will use their likely
balance of power
in the Lower House after the state election to block budget
bills, effectively bringing down any new government.

WA’s economy has experienced a growth rate of more than10% over the past year, more than four times the national average, reportsThe

And a cyclone developing off the NT coast is
expected to threaten gas and oil rigs in the Timor Sea,
reports the NT News.