It has been the best decade in
Australia’s history and the PM and
his Government deserve a standing ovation. We will continue to be irritating on
questions such as tax reform, the CAD and the rotten practice of locking up
children behind razor wire, but fair’s fair, we should recognise the overall
achievement for what it is worth.

For relevant reading, Henry
recommends this Financial Times interview:

FINANCIAL TIMES: What have you
achieved and what still needs to be done?

JOHN HOWARD: Well I think the most
obvious change or improvement in Australia over the last ten years is the
consolidation and expansion of Australia economically. No doubt
about that. There has been by any measure an impressive economic performance and
there has been a lot of debate about whether it has been all good luck or all
our good work or some of our good work and some good work of the former
government or a mix of all three. It is undeniable and there is no reason why it
shouldn’t go on…

The journos of course are doing
their best to find differences between the PM and the Treasurer, but Henry must
say they are doing well at singing from the same hymn sheet.

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