Check out the Today show transcript
with Kim Beazley today – it’s a corker! The first question from Jessica Rowe: “Well one person
who’s sure to have an opinion, although perhaps a biased
one….” Brilliant! Oppose Howard and now, according to
Jessica, you are biased!

Question 2: “Have you sent the Prime Minister a
gift to celebrate?”

Question 3: “You haven’t landed a killer

Question 4: “Why can’t you control your own

And so it goes. Extraordinary stuff – every
question was negative, and he’s accused of bias!

Now, compare this with the stroke fest
that passed as an interview with John Howard on the same show the day
before. All that prime ministerial fawning to the Packer family seems
to be working wonders.

Laurie Oakes was more balanced in his two-page column on Howard’s milestone in The Bulletin and you’ve got to laugh at the detailed interview with Tony Wright which included insightful exchanges such as the following:

B: Do you have a ritual
time [for phone calls]?
PM: Once in the morning and once in the evening. (Laughs) Use your
imagination! (Laughs)
B: Oh sorry, we’re talking telephone calls here, Prime
PM: Oh, Mr
Wright! (Laughs and laughs and laughs)
B: Was she [Janette] the person in
charge of your makeover?
PM: My makeover?!
B: I was actually looking at TV
footage from your days as Treasurer and you almost look like a different person
from the one we see today.
PM: I’m a lot older.
B: Your eyebrows, your
PM: Older and
even uglier.
No, no. It may be different. What happened?
PM: Well everybody had a different thing.
In the 1970s, people had longer hair and they had sideburns. That was perfectly
normal, wasn’t it?
B: Well, course it was.
PM: Have you looked at yourself in the
B: You
don’t want to know what I looked like in the 1970s.
PM: No, I’ve seen you
Oh, Jesus.
PM: Yeah,
yeah. I think I have even seen O’Leary [Tony O’Leary, the PM’s press secretary]
in the 70s.

And while we’re at it, what on earth was the ABC doing last night
running a story showing pictures of Jim Middleton shaking hands with
the PM and then fawning all over him in the news? Can you imagine what
anti-ABC jihadist Santo Santoro would have done if Jim had shaken hands
with Kim Beazley on camera?