Loyalty, treachery, experience, rejuvenation, thuggery,
bullying, factionalism, rank-and-file preselection, party bosses – it’s “all
being cried from Victorian rooftops,” says Michael Costello in The Australian.
Must be preselection time again. But “this is politics as normal in all
democracies and all political parties.” Simon Crean says he’s being stitched up by a
factional deal. Yet his entry into Parliament in 1990 was “itself a classic
factional deal.”

The Shariah is one of the
world’s great legal systems, and the “sole living survivor in the modern world
of a legal system based on religion,” says Jamila Hussain in Online Opinion.
This itself is enough to condemn it in the eyes of those who regard “any
convergence of religion and law as anathema.” But in Muslim countries, where
religion is generally held in higher regard than it is in Australia, the religious basis of the law is
accepted and, indeed, “regarded by many as essential.”

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