At a Press Conference allegedly called in Sydney recently, Telstra
Boss Sol Trujillo proceeded to lecture the assembled media throng on
how to pronounce his name.

Our correspondent reports that in response to a number of questions
from journalists who mispronounced his surname, Mr Trujillo apparently
chose not to answer a final question but advised in a loud voice, “You
silly Australians, you can’t write English correctly and you can’t even
speak it.”

He went on to say, “My surname is ‘Trujillo’ which is pronounced ‘True
Hero’, not ‘True-Jillo’ or ‘Two Hello’, or these other funny names you
have called me. It’s ‘True Hero’.” And I’m the only ‘True Hero’ in
Telstra.” Mr Trujillo then added that his first name rhymed with “Sole”.

Continuing Mr Trujillo said, “So if you want to contact me, call our
switchboard at Elizabeth St and ask for the ‘Sole True Hero’ in Telstra
and you’ll get me. Without me there are no other ‘True Heroes’ at
Telstra and that’s why I’m the boss because I am the ‘Sole True Hero’.
So make sure you report my name as ‘Sole True Hero’ from now on.”

Our correspondent reports that Mr Trujillo then left the podium, apparently muttering under his breath in Spanish.