Another day, another rural press editor gone. Peter Dwyer the editor of The
Courier in Ballarat, disappeared yesterday afternoon after a meeting with the
GM. He was apparently asked to leave. Most staff in shock as Peter seemed to
pose no problems. ALso on The Courier editorial situation. Photographers are
asked to take NO action shots with sport. ???? Requested by GM (not editor) as I
think he beleives they dont boost photo sales, or maybe circulation.


Jen Cowley has been announced as the editor of the daily liberal… late last
year she took fed nat john cobb on the royal tour of the newsroom and she has
been writing stories about herself and her role on the tidy towns committee (it
is a small town after all) and leaving her byline off the piece. there are
questions to be asked about her executive decision-making when it comes to
political coverage this year in the lead up to the state election. she claims
she resigned from the nats well before she took up the position, but no one has
ever seen proof – indeed there are rumours circulating that she has been quietly
attending branch meetings.
and don’t hesitate to call into the newsroom –
almost every journo there will give you plenty…