DIMIA’s cultural change. Immigration advertised for staff last weekend for a whiz bang “cyber newsroom” full of staff covering issues management, projects, internal comms and video production – offering packages ranging from $60 k to up to almost $100 grand. Immigrations spin doctors have already won some kudos. They now actually take and return media calls – and even have better responses than “we can’t say anything because of the Privacy Act”. But does this cultural change extend to not locking up or deporting Australians?

Town Hall Follies:
We’re intrigued by the story that says Meredith Burgmann, president of the NSW Legislative Council and unreconstructed leftie, is going to be Labor’s next candidate for the job of Lord Mayor of Sydney. Surely the candidate is Burgmann’s niece, Labor Left Sydney City Councillor Verity Firth? And if Labor want to damage current Lord Mayor and Bligh MP Clover Moore, wouldn’t they be better off leaving her in the Town Hall but finding a half-decent candidate to knock her off in Bligh? The inner-city seat should be Labor’s – and Morris Iemma ain’t exactly sitting pretty.

The Dunstan legacy: Cheeky South Australian Democrats have said Labor legend Don Dunstan would now support their party. Veteran Flinders University political commentator Dean Jaensch believes the former premier would “not be a happy person” if he came back to observe political life in SA today. Hence today’s campaign limerick:

Tis said Dunstan’s ghost has been seen
Sporting Democrat yellow and green.
It got up Mike’s nose,
But his leadership shows
Labor builds with our fears not our dreams.

Who’s who in Camp Costello: If you want an answer and you’re in Canberra, why don’t you wander down to the National Press Club today. You couldn’t guess who’s speaking. The timing’s pretty interesting, on the eve of somebody’s big day…

Recipes of the Day: IfTony Abbott’s current melting pot fondue of multicultural policies has got you flummoxed, why not try some flummery and wash it all down with a stiff drink: Abbot’s Dream Cocktail.

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