Conveniently, Trevor Flugge, the AWB chairman who was paid almost
$1 million to sell wheat to Iraq, can’t
recall the conversations in which he was allegedly told about the kickbacks
because he is virtually deaf in one ear, reportsThe Oz. And he can’t check if
the meetings in which he didn’t hear the conversations took place because he’s
lost his diary
, reports The Age.

And Peter Costello’s tax inquiry will include a review of low-taxing
Asian and European economies, where the flat tax is as low as 16%, reports The

Osama “didn’t mind hugs” but wasn’t a fan of kisses, reports The SMH. OK. And John Howard is still not facing up to the facts behind the “children
overboard” fiasco, with his recent claims that the refugees sank the boat
also being false, writes David Marr.

PM John Howard has said that we must stay in Iraq
to maintain security until the internal situation improves, reports The Daily

Apparently Australians are getting fatter and drinking more
alcohol, reports The Age, further eroding the romantic view of us as sporting and outdoorsy.

The Herald Sun also leads with the hearing-impaired AWB
chairman before reporting on the “biggest temporary stage ever built” for the
Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, described as a “stunning 7300sq m inverted

Almost $120 billion has been siphoned from the retirement
savings of Australians since taxes on superannuation were introduced, reportsThe Courier Mail.

The Canberra Times reports that a $50 million project at
Canberra International Airport will mean it can finally live up to its name and
provide international flights.

Unsurprisingly, pay-packets for judges, magistrates and some
government officials have grown at three times the rate of the average worker
in the past five years, reports The Advertiser.

The Mercury reports that the discovery of a young fox
carcass on a Tasmanian highway has sparked concerns that Tasmania
has a breeding fox population.

Drawing on the ancient Yarragadee aquifer to provide
water for Perth could ruin rivers, farms and industry in the South-West,
reportsThe West Australian.

And The NT News leads with the news that Peter Costello’s tax inquiry will include a review of flat-tax economies, adding comments by the PM that a flat tax system in Australia is unlikely.