When Australians go online for news, their main sources are Fairfax or
News Ltd, the two giants of print media in Australia. In 2005,
1,198,000 Australians visited a Fairfax News website at least once
every four weeks, just ahead of the 1,160,000 who visited a News Ltd
News website, according to the Roy Morgan Internet Monitor.

TV networks influenced the choice for third and fourth most popular
news websites of 2005 with the Channel Nine/Microsoft affiliation,
ninemsn, visited by almost one million Australians (918,000) every four
weeks and the ABC news website visited by 785,000 Australians at least
once every four weeks.

Yahoo News was a distant fifth with 290,000 visiting it at least once
every four weeks. Crikey was the highest ranking independent news-only
website with 190,000 Australians having visited in the last four weeks.

News Only Sites* visited in last 4 weeks

Fairfax 1,198,000
News Ltd 1,160,000
Ninemsn 918,000
abc.net.au/news 785,000
Yahoo! News 290,000
Crikey.com.au 190,000
Bigpond News 85,000

Source: Roy Morgan Single Source Australia, January 2005-December
2005, n=22,428; these are the latest findings of the Roy Morgan
Internet Monitor taken from Roy Morgan Research Single Source data,
based on 22,428 interviews from people aged 14 years and over
Australia-wide in the twelve months to December 2005; Base: Total
Australians 14+