Okay, okay, okay. St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney is run by the Sisters of Charity, not the Sisters of Mercy, as I reported yesterday (item 16) about Kerry Packer changing hospital in 1999.

While both Orders are known for their great service, Packer certainly
received royal treatment at RPA over the last seven years. The entire
hospital was aware when he was in residence, and at one point RPA
cardiologist, Dr Mark Adams, flew with him in his private jet to seek
specialist treatment in the US.

There also seems to be support for the theory that Packer was simply
chasing the best care available. Emailers claim that RPA does have
greater depth of specialist care available, and Packer did suffer from
a complex array of heart and kidney problems.

On another note, the Packer anecdotes continue to pour in and we particularly like this one:

In April 1989, Sam Chisholm, accompanied by
his trusty investment banker Michael Butler from BT and his lawyer Bruce McWilliam,
left London for New York having concluded what he thought
was the successful recapitalisation of Bond Media. The deal had been done with
such luminaries as CBS, Paramount, TVNZ and, of course, boy wonder himself Bruce
Gordon who was to be the anchor Australian equity holder with 60% local

Just prior to the election, Sam had done what he thought was the
master stroke in having Keating and Hawke agree to lift the foreign ownership
level to 40%.

Unfortunately, Sam’s confidence grew with each glass
of French champagne as he travelled from New York to LA, so he decided to pick up the phone to
The AFR to tell them what a wonderful deal had been done. He was now safe from

Unfortunately for Bruce and Sam, KP read the papers and
decided to dispatch Peter Barron to see Hawke and Keating and they reneged on the
40% foreign agreement by the time Sam landed, so the deal was dead and Sam’s
future at Nine was over.

Another subscriber challenges the tales of Packer’s generosity as follows:

With all these Packer stories of his great generosity, why
has no-one brought up the Graham Kennedy story, where Noelene
Brown and her husband went to Kerry for money to
help Graham through his treatment, only to be rebuffed. It was then
funded by Sam Chisholm. Great treatment for a guy who built the
Melbourne Channel Nine station.

Maybe Kerry never forgave the king for the crow call.

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