With the release of The Best of Andrew Bolt – Still Not Sorry tomorrow, some fellow Crikey subscribers may wish to supplement their reading with a round of Andrew Bolt Bingo.


  • The aim is to score a maximum of twenty points by crossing off every word on the Andrew Bolt Bingo card.
  • One Andrew Bolt column and one Andrew Bolt Bingo card per game.
  • You score one point for each word that appears in Mr Bolt’s
    column that can be matched to a word listed on the Andrew Bolt Bingo

  • To cross off a Bingo word, Mr Bolt must use it in a disparaging, sneering or negative context.

For example, let’s look at the word university. If Mr Bolt
refers to “a University of Sydney study” to support his argument, you
get no points. But with “Howard-hating university staff” you’re well on
your way.

Similarly, the inverted commas score you a point when
used for sarcastic effect, eg “establishment”. Score two points when
the inverted commas are used in conjunction with a Bingo word, eg

Any mention of the three “As” – the ABC, The Age, or the Arts – is always in a disparaging context.

  • Derivations of words are acceptable. Eg cross off bigot if bigotry
    or bigoted are used. Whitlamite can also be a substitute for Gough
    Whitlam, and artists for the Arts.

THE GOLDEN RULE: If in doubt, play the game with the worst of intentions. Controversy, pig-headedness, and bloody-mindedness are encouraged.



0 Andrew Bolt is on holiday. If not, give yourself at least one point for putting up with his self-Righteousness
1 to 2 Well done. You’re on the way to identifying a Left-wing conspiracy
3 to 4 Very good. The balance is being redressed
5 Excellent. A classic Andrew Bolt column
6 to 9 Man the barricades! Something has actually been going on in politics
10 to 19
Time for some target practice because either a) nothing has happened in
politics, or b) it’s been a positive few days for the conservatives
20 Bingo! The Reds are under the bed.