Mystery continues to
surround West Coast Eagles footballer Ben Cousins’ decision to bolt from his Mercedes
Benz four-wheel drive car as it approached a booze bus in Perth a fortnight ago. Both the star footballer
and a long-time friend, real estate agency, Nathan Hewitt, left the vehicle
with Cousins not being apprehended.

But the police caught
Hewitt who was not driving the car. Cousins’s decision to flee
the scene meant his girlfriend of seven years, Samantha Druce, was left
stranded and having to explain to police why it had occurred.

Although Ms Druce agreed
to an interview with Perth’s
Sunday Times at the weekend she
limited her replies and refused to say why Cousins had fled. She said the incident and the
media saturation it sparked had meant great strain on their relationship.

“I’m waiting for it all to
blow over,” she told the newspaper. “It hasn’t been the
easiest time – I really don’t want to say any more than that. I just want it to
blow over.”

Ms Druce would not confirm
if she was the person who collected Cousins several hours after he had deserted
her, from a riverside restaurant, Bluewater Grill. An informant at the Grill
alerted the media a week after the incident that Cousins had arrived at the
restaurant as it was closing exhausted and without his shirt.

He immediately requested a
drink of cold water and asked a staffer to call a mobile phone number to say
where he was. Soon after a car arrived
the drove Cousins away.

Police are expected to
charge Cousins for obstructing traffic and it is believed that passengers in
the car could face charges for not disclosing to police the name of the driver.