Crikey reporter Sophie Black reports:

Have the Lennon family happy snaps been pulled from TheWomen’s Weekly
for the second month in a row because the Premier is concerned about
public perception of his “special deals” for mates in the middle of an
election campaign?

Actually, no, Weekly’s editorial director Deborah Thomas told Crikey, the
Lennon story was bumped to make room for the line of
media moguls and celebrities queuing to invite
readers into their homes. “We still intend to publish the
story,” she told Crikey.

“We pulled it for the Kerry Packer tribute” because we needed the extra pages, said Thomas.

“We then secured Rupert Murdoch in his home the month after [see right] and with all due respect to Mr
Lennon we thought that Murdoch was a bigger seller…And then in April we have a celebrity home special…so we
didn’t need any more homes.”

But if the story was scheduled for February, wasn’t it lined up
to coincide with the Tasmanian election? “When we did the story there
had been no election campaign called…There’s no
agreement to run it in line with the election campaign…”

The Tassie Liberals’ Michael Hodgman is sticking
with his theory, even though the email correspondence between the Weekly and
Lennon’s press office that Hodgman requested under FOI didn’t throw
up any evidence that the article was promised by PBL as part of the Betfair deal.

Thomas told Crikey that readers will probably find the Stoneyhurst spread in the May edition.

That’s a good couple of months after the March 18 election, plenty of
time for Lennon to shake that perception problem.