What is behind this intriguing full-page advertisement taken out in today’s Financial Review?

Who is Mr Prendergast? Why was he thrown across the terrace at
a Mercedes Benz function at Circular Quay in June 2004? Who was the
unidentified person who threw him? What is the action currently before
the NSW Supreme Court? And who are Rolcross Pty Ltd and Worthbrook Pty

With our interest piqued, Crikey stumbled across a NSW Supreme Court judgment from last June in the case of Vincent Carl Muriti and Keanlong Pty Limited v John FrancisPrendergast, Rolcross Pty Limited and Worthbrook Pty Limited. Here’s what it revealed:

Muriti and Prendergast operated a large Mercedes dealership in
Parramatta called Marshalls – Australia’s largest independent Mercedes
Benz franchise, apparently – and a vehicle repair business called Perfect Auto Body.

Because of an alleged “incident” involving Prendergast, DaimlerChrysler
threatened to terminate its relationship with Marshalls and Perfect
unless Prendergast disposed of his interest and ceased his involvement
in the businesses in favour of Mr Muriti.

+ Under pressure from
Daimler, Prendergast and two of the companies representing his
interests – Rolcross and Worthbrook – entered into an agreement with
Muriti and Keanlong Pty Ltd in August 2004 that set out to hand Muriti
& co sole ownership of the businesses while giving Prendergast
& co sole ownership of the properties containing the businesses.

But this agreement apparently didn’t suit at least one of the parties,
with a directions hearing for Muriti v Prendergast listed on Monday’s schedule in the NSW Supreme Court.

We await the next full-page ad for further information.