The Liberals have decided to do something
about unemployment
– they’re going to increase it. They’ve promised to cut four thousand jobs from the public service, two ministers
from the cabinet and axe 76 spin doctors. Strategists are betting that
none of the 600 votes that Premier Rann says he needs to win the
election will come from public servants.

But if you believe the poll published in The Advertiser today, the
public servants’ jobs are safe. The poll says even the state’s longest serving
MP Liberal Graham Gunn is in the firing line. Is Rob Kerin shooting blanks?

Meanwhile, Family First is clearly going into scaremongering mode with its campaign
slogan PROTECT YOUR HOME. Can’t work
out if it’s a campaign or an ad for home security – there’s big money in that.

The Advertiser has appointed
its own election watchdog
, journalist Craig Bildstien. He’s billed as the “man who’ll ask the hard questions and get answers.” In his first column
yesterday, he got stuck into the $8 million the government spends on
spin doctors. While he mentioned the Liberal government spent six million, he failed to
admit that at one point, he took some of it. Craig Bildstien was a spin doctor
for the Olsen government and a former Victorian Liberal MP. Today there is a rider mentioning these facts, but no reference
to Mr Bildstien failing to fess up in yesterday’s column. To quote Bildstien “what goes
around comes around.”

campaign in poetry but we govern in prose.
Democrat candidate for the South Australian state seat of Norwood David Winderlich has been considering Liberal proposals for budget cuts:

The Libs
say we’re spending too much
thinkers, spin doctors and such.
But cuts
to public service
marginals nervous…
Have they
chosen the wrong straw to clutch?