Michael Pascoe writes:

L Ron Hubbard’s brainwashed alien spirits
must have been particularly active in a random sort of non-psychotic way last
night – or maybe SBS programming was just lucky with the scheduling of its
South Park Scientology episode, Trapped in the Closet.

With the visit of glamour mourner Tom
Cruise still fresh in the paparazzi lenses, not to mention Stephen Mayne’s
Crikey musings yesterday about whether Kerry Packer managed to Scientology-proof
his will, SBS’s timing was exquisite. If you fancy Scientology copping a South Park touch-up
or a lot of effort by various characters to try to get Tom Cruise to come out
of the closet, you can see it here.

But it all became a little spooky when, by
flicking channels, you could see Scientologist Kate Ceberano doing a Myer ad and then hear
Billy Connolly tell Andrew Denton what a wonderful fella Tom Cruise really is,
stopping in New Zealand to help someone change a flat tyre. Yes, said Denton, and by the
time he’d finished, the other bloke had become a Scientologist.

I guess we’ll never see that episode of South Park repeated
on Nine. And according to Radar Online, South Park‘s creators themselves didn’t find the joint targets of Cruise and
Scientology easy to aim at due to the alleged close relationship of Cruise and
Comedy Central’s sister company, Paramount Pictures.

Maybe after getting away with cartooning
Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna et al in its SuperBestFriends episode without
causing any riots, South Park just couldn’t leave L Ron Hubbard out of the picture.

But there’s nothing to worry about –
according to Stan, Scientology is just “a big fat global scam”. And the cartoon
Nicole Kidman couldn’t get the cartoon Tom Cruise to come out of the closet