It seems a strong economy and an
ineffective opposition are the only ingredients needed in the recipe for
political success.

The ALP currently seems to have all
the fighting ability of a tired and toothless old tabby. Take this Morgan Poll
released last week that revealed only 1% of Australians know the correct number
for the Anti-Terror hotline despite the vast sum paid for the advertising. “One
percent” isn’t much help when the bloke next door starts loading industrial size
tubs of plasticine into the back of his ute. After the Gummint forgot to put the
number in the phone book in the first place, this recent poll was a free kick to
the ALP. Yet they managed turn it over.

Labor might do well to lead the
charge on the tax reform issue as, based on the latest comments
from the PM regarding tax – “If we have a capacity to give relief in
the next budget we will, but it’s got to be consistent with our
determination to retain a strong budget surplus” – it is abundantly
clear that once again, there will be no real tax reform in this year’s
budget to clean up the current confusion.

There’s no shortage of suggestions
that provide both tax relief for those currently disadvantaged by the current
system and provide confusion relief for those currently disadvantaged by not
being an accountant. Tax in relation to Intellectual Property is an area Henry
would like to see changed ASAP to increase the “incentive to be inventive” – now
there’s a sound bite, Kim.

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