Premier Paul Lennon has a whine in The Australian today about how the meeja are out to do him in.

“Three days
after admitting he had ‘made mistakes’, Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon yesterday
blamed the media for the two biggest controversies to dog his administration,”
Matthew Denholm writes, referring to the Crown Casino upgrade affair and
Lennon’s failure to declare that thousands of dollars in government-funded
contracts had flowed from areas under his ministerial responsibility to a
company half-owned by his brother, John.

“The disappointing part of this has been the
continuing refusal by the media to print both sides of the story,” Lennon told
ABC Radio yesterday.

The 7:30 Reportwent in pretty hard on both issues
last night,
then moved onto claims about the renovations to the premier’s pad by Hinman, Wright and Manser, the construction division of
woodchippers Gunns Limited – an issue that has been exciting the Tasmanian

Incredibly, the
story has almost vanished in Monday’s reporting of the Tasmanian election. Why? Because his
answer only raises more disturbing questions which must be answered of Premier
Lennon is to be perceived as a credible leader.

Why take four
days to answer the question we first put to him last Wednesday? Why the silence?

It is normal
practice when undertaking substantial renovations to get a number of quotes.
What other builders quoted for the job of renovating the premier’s mansion? What was the
Hinman quote on the job and what was paid?

Why did the
Premier, who has publicly attacked John Howard’s IR reforms and who claims to
be the workers’ mate, privately employ a company known for its anti-union
stance and embrace of the new IR reforms?

You’ll find more, including a whinge back from
Lennon, here.