The race has not yet begun and already the politicians are
breaking the rules.

The question now is whether the Local Government Association
will put its foot firmly down and enforce its own rules on even the Premier
Mike Rann, let alone all the other politicians.

Council regulations say you can’t put election posters up
until the writs have been issued. They can order the posters removed and demand
the pollies cover that cost.

Rann has verbally said the campaign is on, the TV ads have started,
the Liberals have been crying crocodile tears calling on him to officially
declare the campaign by issuing the writs.

At the weekend, Mike Rann’s face was plastered all over town
along with countless other politicians, both Liberal and Labor.

Opposition Leader Rob Kerin has told the Advertiser he
didn’t want Labor to get all the “good spots”.

Today, the Premier is expected to go to Governor Flash and
ask for Parliament to be dissolved so the writs will be issued tomorrow.

That’s when the poster should have gone up.

The Greens other minor parties and independents who’ve stuck
to the rules and now seem to be missing out on the “good spots’

The Advertiser also quotes Senior government Minister
Patrick Conlon “candidates …should keep to the spirit of the agreement and put
them up when the writs are issued.”

Wonder if he said that knowing that his boss was one of the
worst offenders?

Allan Calleja