Australia’s long
serving ambassador at the UN in New York, John Dauth, is on his way to New
Zealand, where he has been appointed high commissioner. Dauth’s career in foreign affairs has been stellar and it included a stint at Buckingham Palace
when he was media advisor to Prince Charles.

Foreign affairs sources have
conformed that Dauth sought the head of mission posts in Ottawa and Djakarta,
but both were already filled. Although Wellington is not quite the bottom rung
on the diplomatic ladder, the translation from New York certainly will be challenge.

Dauth has never held back his views that the invasion of Iraq
was justified and that Australia’s subservience to George Bush and the United
States did not tarnish our image at the UN, which most people believe it has.
Being the seasoned diplomat he is, Dauth will make sure he keeps those views to
himself in New Zealand, where the Clarke government’s views on the invasion,
George Bush and our closeness to the USA are well known.