The 18 March South Australian election could
well be the Democrats’ last chance. If they fail to get MLC Kate Reynolds returned
in what has been their strongest state, senior sources say the party will be

So let us
then hail David Winderlich,
the Democrats’ candidate in Labor’s most marginal seat, Norwood.

Winderlich tells Crikey: “One of my major election
promises is to write a limerick about an election issue every day. Here’s my
response to naming and shaming of offenders:

When the electoral
id’s your terrain
You are playing a
dangerous game
Any social reform
Blows away in the
Unleashed by the
dog whistle’s reign

And on sniffer dogs in schools:

The Libs’ latest
solution to evil

Is for each kid to
share lunch with a beagle

So what comes

A strip search at

Do we care, if our
kids feel illegal?”

Now, is that a pledge or what? David, we look
forward to your contributions.

There are strong personalities standing in Norwood.
Sitting MP Vini Ciccarello is famed for her bum-pinching escapades. Her
Liberal opponent, Nigel Smart, is a former Adelaide Crows star. Not only do the
Dems now have a stand-out, too, but psephologists may soon have an answer to an
intriguing question – where do the second preferences of limerick lovers go?