Kerr writes:

poll watch.
This is a bit of a “when did you stop beating your wife” question –
but keep an eye out to see if Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon turns up at the
state memorial service for Big Kerry tomorrow. If he attends people will be
asking what he’s doing there after the Crown upgrade row – and if he isn’t,
there’ll be speculation that he’ll be calling an election for March 18, the
same day as the already announced SA poll and a time when Tasmanians will be
distracted by the Commonwealth Games jollies going on across Bass Strait in

Unhealthy situation in Queensland. Some interesting research up at Online Opinion.
Queensland’s health system is terminal, yet voters see the problem as federal almost as much as state. But where is the Monk?
Bashing away on an issue that seems to be a fait accompli – one on
which no election in the history of Federation has ever been won –
while his state colleagues still can’t get traction despite the
rickety, tired and incompetent Beattie administration.

Learning your ABC. Are managers killing a national treasure? Join in the fun at Andrew West’s Contrarian blog at the Sydney Morning Herald.

Ten years of John Howard. There’ll be no avoiding it.
Thursday 2 March marks the tenth anniversary
of the election of the Howard Government. You can guess how all too
many of the
comment pieces will read already. But we’d like to do something
different. So, dear subscriber, it’s feedback time. We’d like you to
tell us what
you think are the ten most evil and the ten most virtuous things John
Howard has
done as Prime Minister – and what the ten defining trends of the ten
Howard years
have been. Your lists, please, to [email protected].