Rumour circulating around Myer at the Melbourne store has it that
an announcement is pending on 17 February, and that top execs like
Dawn Robertson have already taken packages. No word of who it has been
sold to, but it accompanies odd behaviour from top level store
management, such as having roughly half the normal number of managers
on during the day, and handing senior safety positions (“Chief Warden”
and “Deputy Chief Warden”) to lower level “merchandise managers” rather
than top level “store managers”. Some are predicting a big cleanout of
store management positions, which might explain the erratic behaviour.

The North Korean drug ship Pong Zu
isn’t the only unusual vessel in Sydney harbour right now. For the last
week or so, moored not far off Taronga Zoo is the converted polar
icebreaking tug boat, the Arctic P. This is the vessel owned by the
late Kerry P and very distinctive with its huge
satellite/communications atop its white and blue superstructure. Is it
just a coincidence that it’s in the Harbour right now, and moored a
short distance (1km) from the Opera House where KP gets his state
subsidised knees-up this Friday? Is it there to provide a stable
vantage point from which to film exteriors of the Opera House function? Is it
there for accommodation for VIP attendees? Or could it be there as the venue of the
ultra exclusive “wake” that may follow Friday’s function?

Patrick might be having another suitor.
Temasek Holdings, the Singapore Government’s investment arm is eyeing
Patrick. It plans to break up the company, with PSA International
taking the ports business and Singapore Airlines taking the Virgin Blue
stake. PSA needs the port assets and they’re prepared to pay good money
for them, after losing out on the bidding for P&O to Dubai.

Mary Delahunty Watch: Exit from politics sooner rather than later? Yes – almost certain it would seem.