The theology I was taught at home and at the various Muslim camps I
attended led me to believe that babies are born sinless. And not just
Muslim babies either. The word “Muslim” literally means “the one who
submits to God”. New-born babies are in a completely natural state, and
therefore completely surrender to the forces of nature (a
pseudo-scientific word often used to describe God). By definition, this
makes them “Muslim”.

When it comes to babies and toddlers, Islam
knows no demarcation between the faiths. In fact, kids have limited
legal responsibility under classical Islamic law until they reach the
age of puberty. When it comes to sectarian conflict, Islamic theology
tells all parties involved to leave the kiddies out of it.

now it seems that religious affiliation and culture are being
attributed to babies and even to the unborn. And all this in the
context of what is fast becoming a mass debate over the RU486 pill and
whether the Health Minister or experts from the Therapeutic Goods
Administration (TGA) should have the final say.

And Danna Vale has now
decided to claim that Australia was in risk of becoming like just about
every other country in our region – a Muslim-majority state! I
understand that before entering Federal Parliament, Ms Vale was a
Sydney solicitor. Which means she was (and perhaps still is) a
colleague of mine. Most solicitors I know are fairly fussy when
it comes to evidence.

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