There seems to be a slight feeling of deja vu in the House. Here are extracts from three separate speeches in the House from Monday from our friend Khemlani.

First there was:

Mr JOHNSON – I read in today’s Australian that the electorate of Ryan ranks sixth as one of the happiest constituencies in this great country.

Mr Laming – They’ve got a great local member…


MR JOHNSON – In today’s Australian my electorate of Ryan is
ranked sixth for general levels of happiness and satisfaction among
constituencies across the country.

Mr Ruddock – It must be the quality of their member…

And finally:

MR JOHNSON – I was pleased to see in today’s Australian
that the Ryan electorate was named as ranking sixth in the levels of
happiness of all 150 federal electorates in this country. While of
course I would like to take credit for that, I think that the greater
credit comes from the fact that those surveyed, interviewed or
questioned on their levels of happiness reflected the broader community
of Ryan…

(Presumably Khemlani had to make his own interjection on the last one.)