Chaser War
on Everything

Friday Feb

RUNNING LIST / Updated Wednesday 15

1. Packer
Memorial Service:

Dom K in Ros Packer car boot (check satellite audio link)

Julian M on water (is barge ready?) + navy guns for salute (aim at sea, not at
Opera House)


Euroa garbage contractor to provide Leunig rubbish bin content (when? do we
have to go to Tip?)

AWB Scandal:

Wheat trucks and tractors outside Kirribilli House (check road width). Arrive
at 5am (what about PM’s security detail?)

Eddie McGuire:

5. RU486 Debate/Danna Vale comments?


Cheney in Oz:Julian to mock up Dick Cheney’s guide to shooting
straight to be sent to the Treasurer…(with special tips on how to lure Howard
on a hunting trip. Hint: pretend Bush is coming). Possibly read out to him at an
AWB:Chaser version of tarring and feathering.
6:00. Canberra. Two Chasers to be at the ready as
Howard goes about daily constitutional. One with a bucket of oil (olive oil).
The other with crushed up weetbix (you still right to prep those two, Dom?)
As you’re running away from PM’s bodyguards, shout: How
do you like your food with your oil now, PM? (this line needs work. Anyone with
better suggestions, contact xx)
Eddie McG:The tireless Bev has created 100 life size versions of
Eddie McEverywhere to be placed around Melbourne (especially in the CBD, in
compromised positions – ie sidling up to a mannequin would be good) on a date
to be scheduled (sooner rather than later). We need lots of people on board for
this one. Time to hack into the mailing list?? Would be good to do it overnight
so that Melbourne wakes up to a world of Eddie, Day of the Triffids

Danna Vale: