Re: Paul Lennon. It was widely known in the Department of
Infrastructure, Energy and Resources that Lennon’s brother John set up,
and ran, his value management company, along with a fellow DIER
employee, well before he left the department and while Paul Lennon was
the Minister responsible. John Lennon was always regarded as
“untouchable” in the departmnent because of his relationship to the

With the biggest school sports event (aka Commonwealth Games) about to start
– where are all the cameramen coming from to cover the nail biting
events. Sorry folks your local camera people are not qualified to cover
everything – so they are flying in camera people from China. Maybe
getting in practice for Beijing! So you will have many many Australian
camera operators sitting around not employed.

The Pong Su is an empty shell – it has been totally gutted
inside with the latest activity involving stripping the engine room of
useful spare parts. It had to go to Chowder Bay because Garden Island
was full. It will go back to Garden Island shortly.