The Dick Cheney jokes just keep coming, so we thought we’d provide you with some visuals:

  • Here’s Dick admiring a gun (see right) with some NRA members, and Wonkettesays “Dick Cheney is a badass, and we love him. He’s like America’s abusive father – we’re terrified of him, we hide under our beds when we smell whiskey on his breath, but we crave his attention. We need him to tell us we’ve been good. We have a sick admiration for him that we’ll be describing to our therapists for years.”
  • Mister Furious provides this take on the movie West World in which unsuspecting vacationers are hunted down by armed cyborgs.

  • WTF Is It Now?
    is offering a list of the Vice President’s (aka Elmer Fudd) top ten excuses for shootinghis fellow hunter Harry Whittington.

  • And Salon is asking questions about the White House spin surrounding Cheney and the grassy knoll.
  • Then there’s the eerily appropriate Aerosmith reference, Cheney’s Got a Gun on Slate… and WTF Is It Now? provides some lyrics… “Shot in the head, and you’re to blame. Old guy, you give Dick a bad name…”