It’s reported this morning that US Vice President Dick Cheney accidently shot a 78-year-old man while on a hunting trip over the weekend – and the bloggers are salivating:

  • Cheney is a man who doesn’t just talk the talk. No, if he’s going to send American soldiers into harm’s way, where they might be shot at any moment by a deranged fanatic, he’s also going to do the same thing to his close personal friends. He’s giving his hunting buddies a taste of life in the Cheney Era, when you count yourself lucky just to get out alive. – Washington Post’s Achenblog
  • Two quick predictions 1. Dick Cheney’s new nickname will now be “Deadeye Dick.” 2. The Bush Administration will evermore be known as “The Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight.” – This Modern World
  • Best Snarky Early Coverage of Cheney’s Accidental Shooting: ABC News takes the cake. Here’s an awesome screen grab from their website at around 4pm today… – Ironcity
  • One day before Democratic and Republican senators called for an investigation into the possible leaking of classified information by Dick Cheney, the vice president accidentally shot and wounded a fellow hunter. The AP report notes that Cheney’s office “did not disclose the accident until nearly 24 hours after it happened.” – Cursor
  • Just a reminder to my beloved blue state liberal brethren – while it’s thigh-slappingly hilarious that Cheney shot his friend, try to avoid sounding scandalized. It was birdshot – it’s not really a big f*cking deal – Pandagon

  • Vice President Elmer Fudd…wings bystander. Time to take the shotgun away from grandpa, who’s blasted perhaps hundreds of innocent birds into bloody feathers during his life, before he has another senior moment. Bush at least had the semi-decency or caution to stop after his first wrongful birdicide. – Vanity Fair’s James Wolcott
  • Will Cheney face charges over the shooting? Even though he didn’t intend to shoot Mr Whittington, was he reckless or criminally negligent? – TalkLeft

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