An email exchange between Labor Federal Member for Bendigo Steve Gibbons and a constituent:

From: David Stratton [mailto: [email protected]]
To: Gibbons, Steve (MP)
Subject: RU486 approval process

I trust that you will treat the upcoming vote as one on the appropriate
process for approval of medication and not a backdoor vote about

From: Gibbons, Steve (MP)
David Stratton

I don’t need advice from half-wits that have been educated beyond their intelligence!

From: David Stratton
To: Gibbons, Steve (MP)

I am profoundly disturbed by your reply to my democratic expression of
opinion as your constituent. I shall make sure that public awareness of
your attitude, through all possible media channels, is as wide as
possible. I, and the dozen or so friends with whom I have shared this,
have all been consistent Labor voters – were we Liberal voters we
would be overjoyed at such a display of arrogance and political
ineptitude. As iti s we are deeply saddened.

From: Gibbons, Steve (MP)
David Stratton

I have received many hundreds of emails on this issue, from both sides,
and your email was the most arrogant and offensive with the clear
implication that I am not capable of making a decision on the merits of
the argument. I look forward to your media campaign.