I read with interest an article last week in which Peter Beattie strongly supported
freedom of speech etc in relation to the “depictions” of Mohammed that have
caused such a stir. He also went on to say that “Nobody is off limits. I am not off limits. Jesus
Christ is not off limits.”

“I strongly support their right to publish these cartoons,” He added. Well, guess what…

On the very same day he uttered this rhubarb I recieve an email demanding I
remove certain “offensive” and “defamatory” material (artistic
“depictions” of Peter Beattie which he sees as offensive and illegal),
relating to Mr Beattie from my website, which he wants closed down
because of all the TRUTHS relating to him, Tony McGrady and the regime.

Principal Legal Officer

Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

I write to draw your attention to website content which
you appear to be responsible for and which is highly offensive and potentially
defamatory and illegal.

The offensive and/or unlawful materials should be
removed within 14 days, failing which injunctive or other civil legal action
will be considered.

Please go to http://www.photoduck.com/photos.aspx?gid=2669&pxo=0 and
scroll down the page to the first two comments to see more on this.