The ABC must
sack Michael Duffy. An employee attempting to bring
its employer into disrepute would not be tolerated by any other boss

public or private.

While obviously taking thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money through
his salary from the ABC, Mr Duffy continues to run down
our national broadcaster through public utterances like
those in The SMHon Saturday.

Mr Duffy agitates against the ABC securing additional
funding. Funding that would help the
organisation keep pace with inflation and the costs of new digital technology. He further
suggests that the ABC should not provide any services which might be provided by the commercial

for his program presumably.

If Mr Duffy believes
his own rhetoric, he should subject himself to it. Why doesn’t Mr Duffy try and get a job promoting his right wing views
in commercial radio? Is any national commercial
network going to give Mr Duffy a prime time weekly 1
hour gig? I don’t think so.

Mr Duffy owes his job
at Radio National to politics. Unlike everyone else at the ABC who had to win positions on merit, Mr Duffy had a whole
program invented by an ABC management desperate to
pander to the Howard Government.

The irony of this
hypocrisy is completely lost on Mr Duffy – but not on us readers who are a least a little relieved to see that
got his side column back on Saturdays – thereby forcing
Mr Duffy to the bottom of the page.

Of course the ABC won’t sack Mr
Duffy, but if he had any integrity he would resign.