Forget The Aristocrats. “100 comedians. One very dirty joke?” Who needs 100 – if you want filth, all you have to do is rock along to COAG.

First we got Morris Iemma
and his hilarious Cross City Tunnel sketch. “A private consortium goes
up to the Roads & Traffic Authority and says…”. Its punch line has
had everyone cracking up: “Well this f—wit is the new CEO of the Cross
City Tunnel and has been saying, ‘Oh, well, what controversy? There is
no controversy.’”

Then came media tart Peter Beattie with his
Ricky Gervais act – embarrassment humour about workplace politics. In
his COAG gag he talked about how he’s made his chosen successor, Anna
Bligh, “Deputy Premier and Treasurer and every other piece of sh*t I
don’t want.” That’s gone down pretty spectacularly, and according to
today’s Courier Mail Beattie says that he swears in private and had really been talking to the other premiers “about how wonderful Anna was.”

makes us wonder what the other premiers said that wasn’t caught on mike
– and how the new boy, Western Australia’s Alan Carpenter reacted to
his first COAG. After the long haul back to Perth did he dump his bags,
grab a coldie, put his feet up on the settee, turn to the missus and
say: “Darl, those premiers are just a bunch of f*cking comedians”?