Adelaide’s Independent Weekly has lost another editor after incumbent Nick Carne quit yesterday over the editorial direction of the paper.

Part owner and now managing editor Paul Hamra says the disagreement was
sparked by changes that are being made to the paper’s editorial mix,
including the reinstatement of some recently dumped contributors and a
greater emphasis online.

Editor Nick Carne, who’s been with the paper as an editor and
journalist since it started 18 months ago, has quit and another
journalist, Ian Williams, has gone with him.

“Nick has been with the paper a long time. I think he’s tired and wants
to do something else,” Hamra said. He said a third journalist, Karen
Phillips has been made redundant as a part time employee but would be
contracted to write for the paper.

News of all three departures sent
rumours flying around Adelaide yesterday of a staff walkout over
management interference but Hamra says that’s not the case. Carne is
finishing up the next Sunday’s edition before he leaves next week.

Last year, founding journalist and editor Alex Kennedy and chairman, Ian Meikle, quit after The Independent published
an apology over story surrounding the Coopers Brewery. Both were upset
over interference by management and the apology was the last straw.

Hamra said he’s had five or six applications for the editor gig and in
the meantime he’ll be putting the paper together himself. It’s good to
see him taking a hands on approach, but this latest falling out it not
a good look for the fledgling paper. To butcher Wilde: losing one editor is unfortunate; two starts to look careless.