By Anthony Stavrinos

Cosmo magazine might have
jumped the gun a bit with this media release about the Senate vote on
RU486 that was emailed to the media yesterday:

Groundhog Day: Men In Suits Drown Out Young Women… again

the Government passed a bill allowing the health minister to continue
to veto the introduction of abortion drug RU486 in to Australia.

Says Cosmopolitan
editor Sarah Wilson, “The abortion pill debate has been hijacked by a
defunct argument and the result is that young women’s needs and rights
and fears in relation to abortion are thrown into a spin.”

no. Tony Abbott lost the vote and the only people thrown into a spin by
yesterday’s Senate decision were the overly pessimistic ACP spinners,
who were forced to put out this statement after the vote was taken.

“Yesterday there was an administrative error in relation to Cosmopolitan‘s RU-486 press release distribution. Two press releases were drafted and the wrong statement was issued.”

Enough of this froth and bubble. Ten ways to have a better orgasm, anyone?