By jingo, Julian McGauran is certainly not alone. Our burgeoning list of political turncoats is approaching 50 once these 14 new names are added:

Terry Cameron
: former ALP SA secretary and federal executive member (and son of Senator Don Cameron and nephew of Clyde), was elected to the SA Legislative Council on the ALP ticket but quit the party and with another ALP defector, Trevor Crothers, voted for the Liberal bill to privatise the Electricity Trust of South Australia.
Paddy Embry: WA One Nation MLC formed the New Country Party in 2003.
Kris Hanna: the former ALP member in South Australia defected to the Greens four years ago and will now stand as an independent at the state election on 18 March.
Dianne Hadden: Legislative Councillor from Ballarat, quit the ALP last year in protest against the Bracks government’s treatment of regional Victoria.
Ray Hopper: Qld Nationals MP for Darling Downs first elected as an independent in 2001.
Frank Hough: WA One Nation MLC and gun nut joined the New Country Party in 2003.
Joh Kingston: One Nation class of ’98 Queensland MP became an independent in 1999.
John Knuth: Brother of current Nationals state MP another one of the class of 98, bailing on One Nation to become an independent in 1999.
Rod McKenzie: Quit the ALP while President of the Legislative Council in 1987, after voting with the Opposition to block upper house reform.
Sean Nelson: Queensland MP (1998 2001) for Tablelands hit the road from One Nation in 1999 to become an independent. The then 26-year-old buffoon was suspended from parliament in 1998 for pouring milk on the steps of parliament to protest dairy industry deregulation. Scored just 14% when standing as an independent for re-election.
David Oldfield: Pauline’s righthand man and One Nation NSW founder now an independent MLC until his eight year term expires in 2007 and he gets his pension.
Dolly Pratt: MP for Joh’s old seat of Nanango, Ex Deputy Queensland One Nation leader became an independent in 1999.
Elsia Roberts: Ex One Nation MP for Gympie jumped ship in 2002 to become an independent and famously cried in Parliament over the death of her poodle, Popsicle.
Dr Peter Wong: Independent NSW MLC elected in 1999 as part of the defunct Unity Party.