Will Steve Vizard finally step into a witness box and tell his story about his missing $2 million?

Vizard testify against his his former bookkeeper, Roy Hilliard, in the
civil action being pursued by Westpac to recover more than $2 million
Vizard claimed Hilliard stole from his Westpac bank accounts in 2000 by
forging the authority to sign cheques of more than $10,000? Back then,
the bank promptly repaid the bulk of the money to Vizard and then set
about investigating his claims, leading to the civil action against

Yes he will, says Westpac. A spokesman for the bank
has told Crikey that its lawyers definitely “expect (Vizard) to appear”
in court. And if he doesn’t? “Westpac would subpoena him,” said the
Westpac spokesman.

So, it looks like Steve will be back in court
all too soon, facing all sorts of tricky new questions about his part
in the disappearance of the money, about a little company called
Information Age Travel, and about certain alleged off-shore tax havens.