Today we see plenty of motivated and
energetic efforts to divert attention from the caning that the gummint is
copping over AWB. There are some really interesting things coming out of this,
not the least of which is the fact that despite threats to the contrary the
opposition has been about as threatening as a Ritalin-plied kindergarten
bully with a wet lettuce leaf in Parliament.

Sure, there have been a few punches
landed, but the PM and his troops must be rapt that they seem to be making
the “best” of a very, very bad thing. So it’s interesting to see that today,
the gummint appears to have brought out a few squeaky toys for the opposition to
play with (and, presumably to get distracted by).

  • The Age today carries a story that
    Amanda Vanstone has revealed the existence of a “new Cornelia Rau” case that
    will come to light in the next couple of days.
  • Finance Minister Minchin has told
    of his personal experience with an aborted pregnancy in his past as things get
    cranked up to a dull roar about the RU486 conscience vote.
  • The PM is talking up the consensus
    and spirit of cooperation for the upcoming COAG meeting, with the odd
    complicity of the (Labor) State Premiers (they might think they are on a winner
    with the PM motivated to divert attention away from AWB at the moment, and they
    might be right – $1.1 billion health package, new child education
    initiatives…it’s good to be a Premier on a bad news

Perhaps Henry is wrong (which, as Mrs
T will attest, does happen from time to time) and the opposition really is
doing some damage, or perhaps (and we think this is more likely) the gummint are
worried about the broader fallout from AWB and/or are bracing for even worse
news to come. Henry talked yesterday of the strong drive for the Coalition to
find a distraction – and we expect to see much being made of “other” issues
until the dust settles.

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