reckon Barnaby Joyce has a thing or two to teach Big Kim about straight
speaking, despite the fact he’s been in Parliament mere months to Kim’s 25
years. Have a look at BJ’s lovely sound-bite on Heffernan’s stoush with Senator
Nash yesterday:

think he should just wake up to himself, you know, you got the kiddies at home
watching you, Bill, it’s just not a good look. And there are pubs I used to work
in, if someone talked like that you’d kick them out.

Let’s compare Kimbo’s stilted speechifying on ABC radio:

There are rules against intimidating members of parliament and when any
credible evidence is produced about intimidating a member of parliament, it is
open to the member of parliament to seek the protection of the privileges

Or as
Barnyard said: “It’s obviously undignified to talk to a lady like that in