Seems not everyone
loves our favourite maverick Queensland Senator. Port Lincoln Mayor Peter Davis,
for one, is wishing for Barnyard’s untimely demise:

“As far as I’m
concerned the sooner he is dead and buried at St Georges (cemetery) the better.
I’ll be first in line to p*ss on his grave,” said the Mayor to a local newspaper.

Liz Penfold, member
for the SA seat of Flinders – perhaps not coincidentally the seat that includes
Port Lincoln – also seems less than impressed with Barnyard’s pending visit to
give a wee boost to the sole SA Nationals MP Karlene Maywald, and other wannabe
MPs in the lead up to the SA election next month.

According to Ms
, “A vote for the
Nationals is a vote for Labor.” Liz is a Liberal – although the casual observer
wouldn’t know it if she checked out her website.

It’s not the first
time Liz and Pete have been upset about the same thing. They were both pretty
narky about the SA State Government announcing $48 million for a 90km pipeline
to augment Eyre Peninsula’s water supplies from the River Murray, and again here
about taking more water out of the Murray.

They also agree that
South Australia should host a nuclear waste dump (strangely described on the SA
Libs’ site
as a “commitment to renewable energy,” with Liz
glowingly quoting Pete in her meeja release.

It’s an interesting
meeting of minds: particularly since Peter Davis is an unapologetic member of
the far-right group the Australian League of Rights – that make such
loopy claims as “The Left and the Right both wish to see the end of the Nordic
peoples and their replacement by Orientals.”

Is this series of
eerily similar statements and glowing quotes politically wise on Ms Penfold’s
part? Particularly when you consider that Flinders is actually the safest state
Liberal seat in SA

Probably not.
Penfold is known to hold a distinctly personal dislike for Mayor Davis. As for
her politics, she knocked off a dry Right National to win the seat – and Penfold
is regarded as a moderate of sorts in the SA Liberal fold.

We can be pretty
sure Liz Penfold won’t be making any joint statements with Mayor Pete on some of
his other favourite topics – like his suggestion that asylum seekers should be
shot if they don’t behave, or his policy of
reducing illicit drug use by giving users lethal injections, or his
description of mixed-race children as “mongrels.”

But it will make for
an interesting pre-election visit for Barnyard.