The Kooka Brothers, Crikey’s anonymous Melbourne crime correspondents, write:

What a glorious sight it was to behold. There was Big Mick Gatto looking oh so relaxed and comfortable in his best silk dressing gown pelting hors d oeuvres at the media scrum gathered outside his new $2 million house in Lower Plenty and shouting “ youse are f***ing dogs.”

God we love this city. Why have we been denied access to Melbourne’s classic gangland street theatre for so long? Normal reality television service was resumed on Monday night within hours of Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon declaring that the war between the Carlton Crew and the Sunshine Scums was over. Like hell it is!

The resumption of hostilities is fantastic news for the media. This piece by young Padraic Murphy (a Kookas favourite) in The Australian today is probably the best of them. He says that Nixon is more politician than police officer and that she is a disgrace. “How much have police through corruption, negligence or incompetence contributed to the bloodshed?” he asks rhetorically.

The Kookas even know a few rough blokes around town that reckon that rogue coppers gunned down Mario Condello because he was about to give evidence implicating police in corrupt activities.

Our money is still on the Sunshine Scum gang getting a bit more payback for Benji’s demise. We hope that Babyface Williams is locked up tightly at West Barwon prison because someone is sure to be paying him a visit at some stage.

Overall, the Herald Sun easily won the battle of the banners today. It splashed it over eight stories including a lovely piece by Keith Moor on Condillo’s Honoured Society friends in Griffith and John Hamilton peeking through the fence into Mario’s backyard and sighting a typical Brighton-type dog asleep on the grass with its head resting on a cushion. Only in Brighton.

As this is Andrew Jaspan’s first gangland killing since he took over the Age we will forgive him for not understanding its significance. John Silvester still manages a nice piece where he relates a conversation that Condillo recently had with a third-person “reporter.” Can’t be you can it Sly?